An excursion to our past…Berwick, PA Freight Station.


Located at the end of Canal Street in Berwick Pennsylvania is the old Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad freight station. This building was built in 1903 to replace the original wooden freight station which burned to the ground the year before. The new freight station was built of brick and was approximately 200 feet long and 40 feet wide. Along the side of the freight station towards town extended a long wooden dock the length of the building. (Photo above September 2018)


When the railroad discontinued its use of the freight station it was sold. During the 1980s, 1990s and 200s the freight station was used by Al Decker for his scrap metal recycling business. Just a few years ago the scrap metal business closed and the property and station were left idle with all kinds of debris and scrap metal littering the grounds. Efforts have been made to clean up most of the property by the newest owners.  (Photo above December 1911)

berwick-Deckers 205

With the permission of the current owners of the old freight station I spent a few hours on a Saturday afternoon recently photographing the exterior. Some day I’d like to get the chance to photograph the interior also. Surprisingly, for a building that has been tucked away along the banks of the Susquehanna River and used as basically a junk yard, it is in pretty good condition, well at least the out side. The wooden freight dock has seen better days with many of it’s planks rotten and loose, but the supporting beams appear to be in good condition. Much of the original wood trim work is still intact and in good condition and the brick walls all appear to be intact with out any major damage to them. Below are the series of photos I took documenting the exterior of the station. (Photo above 2005)

It appears that some of the freight doors retain their original wood while most others have been covered up with metal sheeting. What lies beneath the metal, I do not know, but hopefully some remnants of the original doors still remain.

While I was photographing the old freight station, the locals were sure to keep a close eye on me.

Locals WatchingAs you travel down the hill from Mulberry street you pass under the new concrete bridge, built to replace the old steel one. Nearing the bottom of the hill the nicely paved road turns to dirt and old yellow cobble stone. Much of this cobble stone is over 100 years old. A long metal fence follow the road down the hill to one side and a steep hill rises to the other side. In the early 1900s several building lined the hill side along Canal Street but today they are all gone except for a few small building used for storage. However the metal railing, sidewalk and cobble stone still remain. The photos below are from 1911 and 2018.

The DL&W Railroad diagram below dates from 1906 and shows the freight station, railroad track layout and other building in the vicinity. Shown on the left side of the diagram is the passenger station and baggage room which I featured in an earlier post. Berwick Passenger Station Post


The below areal photo dates from the 1960s and shows the location of the freight station in relation the steel bridge.

Arieal View of Freight Station 1960s

So, what does the future hold instore for the old freight station at Berwick? Stay tuned, as I find out I’ll post a follow up on what is planned and for more photos.

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