Berwick 40 & 8 Parade Locomotive


Lost…Forty and Eight Parade Locomotive of the Berwick American Legion. The Forty and Eight is an organization of veterans of the United States armed forces. The title “40 & 8” comes from the box cars that were used to transport troops to the front in France during the first World War. Each car had the emblem 40/8 stenciled on the sides, which meant that it could carry 40 men or 8 horses. These cars were known as forty-and-eights.

The Forty and Eight Parade Locomotive pictured here was purchased and presented to the local American Legion by the Supervisor’s Luncheon Club of the Berwick American Car and Foundry Company in 1951. The vehicle was built on a truck frame with body work to resemble a steam locomotive and powered by a gasoline engine.

Lost…is it really? Rumor is that the vehicle still survives today, hidden somewhere in Berwick, in someone’s garage, possible on the east end of town. If anyone has any information on this unique part of our history I’d love to hear from you.

40-8 Parade Locomotive-1951 Berwick

This photo is from 1951 taken during the presentation of the parade locomotive to the American Legion.

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