Berwick’s Stuart Tank


During World War II 15,000 plus tanks were made in the American Car and Foundry in Berwick, PA. After a 12-year effort by a group of citizens to “Bring Stuie Home,” a suitable 1942 Stuart tank has finally located and returned to Berwick. The tank was used by British troops in Italy as part of the U.S.’s lease-lend program. Brazil eventually purchased the tank, when it feared that Argentina would join with Nazi Germany. After WWII the tank found its way to an Argentinian farm to be used for scrap metal. The farm owner had 12 tanks at one point, and this, the last, was purchased by a British collector.

Finally, in 2016 Stuie came home. Upon arrive to Berwick the tank was christened “Lady Lois”. I’ve been able to photograph the tank a several times now, after its debut in a local parade her in Berwick and at the annual World War II Weekend festival held at the Test Track Park in Berwick. The 2018 World War II Weekend is only a few weeks away, Taking place July 21 & 22.

For more information on the Berwick Stuart Tank visit the official Bring Stuie Home website at Bring Stuie Home



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