An excursion to our past…Berwick, PA Passenger Station – Pt 1

berwick depot 1900

The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad built three generations of passenger stations at Berwick, Pennsylvania. All three were constructed in nearly the same location along the DL&W’s Bloomsburg Branch. From high above the Susquehanna River passengers would have to travel down Canal Street to the Passenger Station. The original passenger station was constructed by the Bloomsburg and Lackawanna Railroad after the railroad reached Berwick in the 1850s.


The stations were located on the NW side of the tracks near the former intersection of Pine Street and Canal Street. When the first station was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire in the 1890s a small freight-baggage house was built a short distance to the east, connected by a wooden platform to the main station. This second-generation passenger station was destroyed by fire in the early 1900s and again the railroad erected a new one to replace it. It too was of similar in construction and lasted into the 1950s, before being razed.

1896 map

This is an original diagram by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad showing the location of the train station and railroad tracks. It dates from 1896.


In a short distance up the tracks stood the brick DL&W Freight house which was constructed in 1903, after the original wooden one was destroyed by fire. Today it still stands. The photo below shows a closer look at the small freight-baggage house. Also pictured (in center) is the brick freight house. To find out more about the freight station, visit my other post at Berwick Freight Station.

In the early 1900s the Berwick passenger station was the subject of numerous postcards. Pictured below are some of the ones I’ve come across over the years. (If anyone has any extra of the postcards pictured, please contact me).


Looking towards the west, in this circa 1914 photo, you see the train station in the distance along with the steel bridge connecting Berwick and Nescopeck (photo below). The photographer would of been standing almost in front of the brick freight house while taking the photo.

DLW Berwick-SteelBridge0Distance

In the photos below you see the small maintenance shed to the left of the tracks. This was a typical design for these small buildings. At some time it was either torn down or moved. If you look at the second photo, the structure pictured is located along 9th Street between Maple and Vine Streets. The building id defiantly of DL&W design. Could this possible be the same building that was once located down by the passenger station. If anyone has any information and history on this building please contact me at

Below are a two more original photos of the passenger station with the first one dating to 1910. The second one I am not sure of the year but obviously something of importance was happening. Possible soldiers leaving for the war or a stop on a presidential campaign tour. If anyone has any other info please contact me.


Berwick Depot-party


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