A little photo editing can go a long way…

While working on my book about the Carroll Park and Western Railroad I’ve accumulated a large number of photos. Many of them will be used in the book. I’ve received all types of different formats, from slides, prints, scans, photo copies, hi-res digital files and low res digital files. Once in a while I receive a photo I’d really like to use in the book, be it a unique view, something I don’t have an image of yet, or what ever the reason may be. Many of the photos require little editing to make them ready for use in the book, but every once in a while that one photo comes along that I’d really like to use, but it requires a lot of editing. Here is one such photos.

winter cpw2

The original photo (above) was shared with me on social media, so the resolution wasn’t the best, let alone the quality of the image or the exposure of it, but it potential.

Blank photo (Authentic polaroid with lots of details) +54 Megapixels.

With a little work in Photoshop I was able to clean up the image and now I have something I will be able to use in the book. Why this particular photo you ask? It’s one of the few images of the Carroll Park and Western Railroad that I have that was taken during the winter.

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