An excursion to our past…Berwick, PA Freight Station.

Located at the end of Canal Street in Berwick Pennsylvania is the old Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad freight station. This building was built in 1903 to replace the original wooden freight station which burned to the ground the year before. The new freight station was built of brick and was approximately 200 feet long... Continue Reading →

Berwick’s Stuart Tank – Part 2

July 21 & 22, 2018 saw the return of the World War II event to Berwick, PA, and of course I had to stop by and check out Berwick's own Stuart Tank. It's always a joy to see this piece of local history and photograph it. Along with gabbing a few photos of the tank,... Continue Reading →

Berwick 40 & 8 Parade Locomotive

Lost...Forty and Eight Parade Locomotive of the Berwick American Legion. The Forty and Eight is an organization of veterans of the United States armed forces. The title "40 & 8" comes from the box cars that were used to transport troops to the front in France during the first World War. Each car had the... Continue Reading →

Myrtle Beach Depot

  Some places will always hold a special place in your memories. Myrtle Beach is one such place for me. You are probably wondering what's the connection between the Myrtle Beach Train Station and Berwick RailFan Photo Gallery? Why my interest in the old depot? Taking a chance at something new, in February 2000, Nicole... Continue Reading →

Berwick’s Stuart Tank

During World War II 15,000 plus tanks were made in the American Car and Foundry in Berwick, PA. After a 12-year effort by a group of citizens to “Bring Stuie Home,” a suitable 1942 Stuart tank has finally located and returned to Berwick. The tank was used by British troops in Italy as part of... Continue Reading →

Susquehanna Coal Co., Nanticoke

Here is a project I have been working on for some time now. A few years ago a friend gave me a small box with about 150+ old film negatives dating from the early 1900s to the mid 1920s. The negatives showed images of the Susquehanna Coal Company operations in Nanticoke, PA, including the No. 7 and... Continue Reading →

Eckley Miners Village…

Even though these photos were taken two years ago during a trip to Eckley Miners Village, near Hazelton, PA, I felt it was a relevant time to post them. Next weekend, June 23-24 is the annual Patch Town Days at Eckley. This year marks the 50 anniversary of the filming of the Molly Maguire's movie.... Continue Reading →

Train Wreck Near Nescopeck

The series of photos and newspaper articles below are of a train wreck that occurred in Wednesday, March 18, 1970 near Nescopeck, PA. It involved a freight train headed by Penn Central Locomotives. The wreck occurred just before entering Nescopeck along Route 339 from Mifflinville. (collection of Andrew Hoke/photos by Arlen Lenker). PENN CENTRAL WRECK... Continue Reading →

1950s Berwick?

A look at Cemetery Street, Berwick, PA, on a sunny spring afternoon, during the 1950s. This could very well be the kind of sights you would see if you were driving down the side streets in Berwick in the 1950s. In actuality this scene isn't a moment captured in time more than 60 years ago. These classic 1950... Continue Reading →

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